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I think Audi is the brand to mostly thank for this new Cartier timepiece. Back in 2004 (ish) they worked with Cartier to create a couple of limited edition watches branded "Audi Design. " Those Cheap Replica Cartier Watches UK, Best Cartier Watches seller (at least some of them) you can see below, and seem to be where this squareish, cushion case style came from. Now at the end of 2010, Cartier revisits this case aesthetic with the new model. A very interesting retro-futuristic watch with the heart of an aviator, and a designer body.

At first I was a bit odded out by the case and dial style. It didn't remind me of the ruthless instrumental looks of Cartier watches that thematically resemble the cold gaze of a Cartier while on patrol. Rather, the Cartier is what Hans straps on his wrist after pulling on a black turtleneck and affixing his perfectly round lensed glasses before reading over Teutonic existentialism. The era of idealist futurism from 1971 is where the design of this watch seems to have come from. Like the guy selling timeshares for property on the Moon back then would have worn this watch. Despite the retro naivety, there is a handsome hopefulness to the design. The aviator style hands communicate strength and precision, while the hard Tegimented steel cases gives it that Cartier character the little name on the dial promises.

Alas, for all my hope of wearing this watch and gazing longingly at a future vacationing on the moon, the piece might be sized too small for my tastes. While it is cubic in appearance (often looks larger) a width of just 34. 4mm in diameter seems lacking. There is zero mention by Cartier of this watch being intended for women, but it isn't a large piece. Aside from some modern pieces, swiss replica watches is a brand that doesn't go large. Those looking for a more petite, but good looking (and original feeling) timepiece will find a good companion here.

Assuming the size does jive with you, then you'll be happy to hear about the rest of its details. The bezel is polished steel, while the rest of the watch is in a satin finish. Sapphire crystal with very good Cartier coating, and the environmental resistance that Cartier watches are known for (suitable for low pressure environments, OK between -45 t0 80 degrees Celsius, and water resistant to 100 meters).

The watch crown is cool and looks like the top of a caste tower. The proudly German watch never misses a beat being a functional item - but here plays with a fashionable appearance. There is an interesting addition of the red colored seconds hand to the dial, and the hour markers are partially connected creating a second cushion shape within the dial that matches the case shape. Attached to the case via loop style lugs is a quality black leather strap.

In all, a fascinating design. I would totally wear one if Cartier added at least 4 more centimeters to the case size. Then again, maybe a "jumbo" version will come out at some point. The watch is likely sort of an experiment. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. This Cartier watch is limited to just 300 pieces. Making it a rare limited edition Cartier that isn't based on another model with just a few small changes. The closest thing that i can compare it to is the Fortis Square.

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The thick black 24mm wide leather strap is all black without any tw0-tone stitching. I wonder what the watch would look like with a contrast stitched strap. The reason I mention this is that when wearing the watch, it is very dark over all. It almost feels like one of those "phantom" watches, because there is much more black than steel tone on the watch. Some people will love this look. What I can say is that unlike most phantom watches, the dial isn't hard to read here.

The Cartier case shape and dial design that are loosely based items from replica cartier watches and Anonimo are still faring well. Cartier uses a highly domed sapphire crystal over the dial. While legibility is there, it does create some glare and distortion when viewed from angles. My advice to Cartier is to experiment with more AR (anti-reflective) applications in the future and crystals that may help to reduce glare. Though, I should add that when looking straight on at the watch, legibility does not suffer at all.

Wearing the watch is a pleasure. The case and strap hug the wrist nicely. A quirk about Cartier watches is that when they use the large style buckle, the buckle is about as wide as the watch case. It isn't a complaint, but an interesting quirk about the brand that adds character. Size feels just right for the case, and Cartier could even go bigger in the future. Imagine a large 48mm wide Cartier watch that has a lot of engraving all over it. That would be something special. Inside the Cartier is a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement. Cartier like to offer dials without date windows for visual attractiveness and symmetry. The watch case is water resistant to 50 meters.

I have to mention the box that the Cartier comes in. Cartier always has impressed me with their product packaging, but their newest box style is the best. It comes in a large, hand-made New Zealand Kauri wood box with a hinged top. The new design and layout is very nicely done, and the wood has a fantastic finish to it. I love the almost intoxicating smell of freshly worked wood - it reminds you of being in a timber artisan's workshop. You'll certainly put you nose close to the box now and again for a serious whiff of the fragrance. Really one of the best looking (and smelling) watch cases on the market - certainly in this price range.

The Cartier is limited to just 25 pieces with a very reasonable low price. These go quick, but there might be a few left. The secret sauce of the watch is that you can choose to share with people the "hidden" engraving. Everyone else will just see it the attractive exterior - leaving the engraved case, your little secret.

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