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Winter diet eat? Winter diet eat food such as fruits and vegetables fruits! Cheap, detoxification Qi, losing weight and health. To tell you the meizitang winter weight loss method, we come together to healthy weight loss!

1、Fruit ( fruit and vegetables ). For those interested in winter to keep slim entry is the best choice. Although in winter on food choice may be subject to some restrictions, but modern transportation conditions and freezing technology can make us at all seasons can have all kinds of fruit.

2、Bread can also be regarded as a weight control of food. But you must be careful of fatty food against excessive grease ( oil ) of bread. One can not eat too much. You can use the jam, skim cheese on bread.

3、High fat meats. Red meat, sausages and pork luncheon meat, though more fat, but it need not completely abandoned, you can with some fresh vegetables ( vegetables ), beans or pasta with these red meat and eat together.

4、White meat. Chicken and turkey meat was a fat content is not high meat, as long as you're cooking before the skin removed can rest assured to enjoy, do not have to worry about getting fat.

5、Dining out to pay attention to try to choose some low fat food. You can enjoy your most love to eat low-fat foods, you can also choose some of everything, but which also do not eat too much.

Want to lose weight permanently, meizitang soft gel recommends that you must be in the diet and do some change. For instance your usual habits on baked bread butter into jam, a week to eat several time of fast food, work by taking the elevator to climb the stairs. These changes need to use two months time to slowly get used to.

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Stay in bed, in fact, is not necessarily a bad habit. We after a night's sleep, muscles and ligaments are in a state of relaxation, each organ are lazy. If you woke up rise immediately, missing from the calm state to active state transition time, sometimes problems will arise, such as blood pressure fluctuations caused by dizziness, suffering from low back pain, cervical or lumbar hyperosteogeny pain aggravate patient. So paiyouji teach you to sleep on a bed, in a little exercise, can avoid these problems, but also can increase the chance of a fitness.

The first type: hard stretching bed. When getting up in the morning, the first to be stretched, like this can let the body from inhibition of smooth transition to an excited state. Suggest that you take the initiative to strengthen and stretch the health effects, strive to develop hard stretch habit. The specific approach is: in nature after the stretch your hands, fingers crossed, the palm to put on your head, double toe alternating straight and hooked, limbs stretch at the same time, gradually forced, left to right turns of twist, lasts about 10 to 20 seconds. This can be a little improvement, add a little twist, stretching, dilatation of thoracic. Then, systemic muscle contraction and breathing exercise will strengthen further, and can quickly clear your mind.

Stay in bed second type: large turned around. About large twisting can strengthen the back and neck muscle stretch, to prevent or relieve low back pain, neck pain have positive significance. Specific practices: in strengthening the stretching action ended, and in the left lateral decubitus position, left leg straight, bend your right leg left leg across from above, and as far as possible from the left leg in the edge of the bed, his arms horizontally open, upper body to the right, as far as possible with the rhythm of the reverse 10~20 times, at the same time as far as possible to the left side of the bed surface close to the knee, in torsion maximum amplitude stationary for 10 seconds. Then, change the direction of a right lateral decubitus, repeat this action.

Stay in bed third type: tuck roll. This action, the main role is to make each part of muscle strength balance, relieve fatigue. Specific practices: in the above action after the end, in the supine body mass, try to bend over, buried, hugging her knees or on her head, stationary for 10 seconds, then slowly scroll up and down 20 times. After the end, natural stretch to get up.

At the same time, paiyouji plus need to remind you is to create a good sleep environment. Establish a bedtime activity patterns, can be held, and can also be read, also can be a hot bath, 10 minutes of yoga and so on. Bedtime activities can be 45 minutes before going to bed 1 hours start. After a period of time, your body will react to these particular activities, gradually relaxed, into be sleep state. Finally, to turn off the TV, computer and your mobile phone. Because if the lights were flashing, your brain will make the awakening response, lower melatonin levels, effects of deep sleep quality.

Merry Christmas!!!

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More than 1 Shake soft hula hoop. Compared with ordinary hard the hula hoop, soft hand, on visceral injury degree is low, every side like a drama or listen hot DJ electronic dance music, while a hula hoop for about 45 minutes, adhere to a month, your stomach will definitely surprise change.

2, cups of yogurt. Probiotics can effectively modulate flora balance, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can effectively improve constipation problems. While in the probiotic bacteria in yogurt content is the most abundant. Therefore, suggested that every day to drink a cup of yogurt Oh, try to choose the kind of low-fat yoghurt. Moreover, the yogurt has a very strong sense of satiety, and can effectively control the appetite, reduce your intake of oh.

3, dinner to get to solve. Experts say 4 hours before bed eat dinner is not easy to get fat. And is now generally go to bed at 11 pm, so you should have dinner at 7 to solve ah, this can leave time to promote food digestion, prevent the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, so as to have a flat stomach. Of course, after dinner is best not to eat, or eat so early dinner is no good.

4, massage to reduce stomach. Principle: massage can increase the skin temperature, let whole body heat, so it can consume a large amount of heat. In the massage of the abdomen when, can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the intestinal absorption of nutrition, effectively prevent the accumulation of fat in the abdomen; and can promote blood circulation. Methods: to introduce a common also very commonly used subtraction abdomen massage method. First in abdominal bruise massage cream, and then to the navel as the center, forms a question mark in the abdomen, along the question mark massage, to the right, left, each massage 30-50. Every day at least a massage, to take a shower when the same method can be adopted to massage oh!

5, clean-up stomach. To reduce belly have to do step is bowel. The human gut inside a lot of waste and garbage, not timely liquidation of long-term accumulation in the intestines will not only make the abdomen swells up, the poison in the waste will be the body to absorb, it has a bad effect on the body. So regular bowel is to lean stomach for health. Other methods are many, can take a few days out only drink porridge and eat mustard, other do not eat, do this for the next three months at a time, each time to eat three days, can clean up the gut. Of course, if you accept the enema, which is one of the other methods.

6, using a pillow to reduce stomach. If the above items you have no time to get ready, then directly lying in bed, hold pillow, song, and then extend upwardly extended, each group of thirty, every day five group, during this period to ensure that your pillow do not miss oh! This simple approach can make your waist line compact, fat away gradually.

7, before going to bed to eat calcium. Principle: subcutaneous fat can cause obesity fat, and omental adipose stores a large amount of excess calories and fat, which is protruding abdomen, waist thicker the main reason. While adequate calcium can make omental fat dissolved rapidly, so, to supplement the calcium is good method to reduce stomach oh. Methods: the absorption of calcium is the best time for the night, so that at bedtime, eat calcium to reduce stomach effect.

The subtraction abdomen is weight loss beauty most headaching problem, to try the 10 super simple super slim pomegranate diet pills subtraction abdomen remedies it, can easily help you flat belly.

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The tips we should pay attention in practicing yoga

1. Practice with barefoot

You can insist on practice with barefoot, wear soft and comfortable sports suit, then your skin can breathe in a better way.

2. Breathe with nose

There are a lot of dust, viruses and suspended particles in the air, breathing with nose can effectively cut off pollutants, it also can make the air warm and humid, which can reduce the stimulation of the respiratory tract and keep suction air healthy and clean. What is more important, we should learn to control breathe in yoga. If you can not breathe in the right way, your yoga effect will be reduced and destroy your the program of learning.

3. You can use auxiliary tool

Don't be afraid to use the auxiliary yoga props and eat some lida daidaihua. They can help us to better stretch our body parts, at the same time it can increase the effectiveness of our fitness.

4. Do not compare with othersYoga is a kind of exercise which focus on the internal repairing. And it is not a competitive game. You can not copy others, there are not two same people in the world, we can not compare with others when we are practicing. Otherwise, our emotion will be affected. You do not need to be sad because you can not do an action well, every person has his own advantage and disadvantage. You just need to challenge yourself according to your body situation. The beginners should make a comparison with himself of yesterdays performance.

5. Pay attention to the exercises security

Generally speaking, yoga is suitable for the people of any age periods. However, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, retinal falls off, head and neck back injury patients, pregnant women, serious illness or surgery patients should pay attention to the exercise security. Because some yoga breathing and body posture will produce pressure to the body and cause discomfort. So the students should ask the advise of the doctor, before practicing, we should tell our health information to the instructor. Then the instructor can make the suitable follow-up and guidance.

6. Listen to your bodys sound

We should thoroughly feel the physical and mental feeling when we are doing yoga, we have to concentrate and carefully listen to the voice of the body and feel the bodys reaction from every action and breathing. When we are practicing, when our body has the abnormal pain, dizziness, breathing difficulties, don't try to continue, we should tell the instructor and ask help.

From http://ppeye.net/the-tips-we-should-pay-attention-in-practicing-yoga/

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Winter is a season, easy to get fat, have a bit inadvertent, can grow a few pounds, more importantly, winter is not easy to lose weight, not only cold weather retards, even the appetite is more a hindrance, in winter weight loss is difficult and painful. In fact, there are some simple meizitang method, can help you lose weight fast, let the winter weight loss is no longer difficult.

Head, standing on the ground or sitting in a chair, lift the chest to recover the abdomen, head slightly lower, the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of 10 ring, 10 ring. It can exercise the muscles of neck, so that the flow of blood, can a better blood supply to the brain, can prevent and treatment of headache, insomnia, cervical bone hyperplasia, neck shoulder syndrome, stiff neck disease.

Turn waist, standing on the ground, a chest and recover the abdomen, arms akimbo, legs slightly apart, four fingers together in front of, behind in thumb press, clockwise. This method can exercise the muscles of the lower back, let it become more powerful, and can be used for preventing and treating chronic lumbar muscle strain, lumbar hyperosteogeny, rheumatic lumbago, sciatica.

Rotate your legs, standing on the ground, legs close together, body squat, both hands to hold the legs knee, two legs by turning clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of 10 ring, 10 ring. This method can improve the knee joint and tendon of the muscle strength, prevent leg aging, can prevent and treatment of varicose veins of lower extremity, sciatica, arthritis of the knee, leg cramps and other diseases.

Rotate can make the body rotation, can not only maintain the flexibility of the body, can easily remove the skin, keep a slender figure, after learning, the girls to remember to do.

Here, the meizitang would also like to say is, to own a healthy lifestyle. Regular eating habits and a healthy lifestyle can help you quickly lose body fat. Therefore, however cold it is, or to maintain the outdoor sports. Of course, if you feel cold, you can choose to stay at home to do some simple household chores, and keep the habit of going to bed early, contribute to weight loss.

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The cold winter, but can not prevent the pretty girl speed reducing weight. Winter can be a choice of vegetables, but also enough to make you healthy weight loss of desire. With botanical slimming have a look these winter the most effective weight loss food how to let you meet health science diet!

Seaweed rich in chlorophyll, it can make the body more quickly the new supersedes the old. Improve skills, increases the rate of fat burning. According to scientific studies show that, with the increase in intestinal fluid in kelp, protect the intestinal wall, slow digestion rate and consumption of excess body fat composition. Therefore, the kelp is very good food reducing weight, has a good effect reducing weight.

Cucumber also contains alcohol acid, can inhibit carbohydrate into fat. But contains cellulose, to promote bowel movements, speed up the excretion and lower cholesterol levels have a certain role. And cucumber are low in calories, how to eat will not be fat oh.

White radish can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce food time, reach the effect reducing weight. Wax gourd contains no fat, sodium content is extremely low, have diuresis dehumidification function, so I want to use wax gourd weight-reducing method fast thin is relatively easy. Mung bean sprouts contain more water, low in calories, not easy to form the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, often feed can help weight loss.

Pepper can stimulate the body's thermal system, accelerating the new supersedes the old., fat burning. Thus, body Sushen effect. Broccoli is also a high water content, low calorie foods, 1 cauliflower is only 23 to 32 calories, can quickly make people satisfied, even if will not eat more fat!

Apple is rich in crude fiber, can absorb large amounts of water, slow down the body's absorption of sugar, and can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, promoting defecation, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. It contains a unique blend of fruit acid, can promote the new supersedes the old., reduce body fat.

Eager to lose weight and daily monotonous diet food and trouble, you can have delicious food! meizitang strong version said of fruits and vegetables is a good diet selection, cooking exquisite light up your life. Weight loss is so simple and happy! 

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